1 Tech Post Challenge

Why The Face?

A little over a week ago I made the suggestion in #utos that we should encourage all #utos members to post at least 1 tech-centric blog post a week. This will inspire a lot of good conversation, put more of us on the map as to people we can turn to for solutions, and also help each of us learn more. So I am taking the initiative to write my first tech-centric blog post.

Although the details aren’t worked out yet, it’s time to start thinking about things you can post about, and don’t worry it doesn’t have to be an IBM Knowledge base article. Simply write about what you love, or have been thinking about, or studying.

As there are more details about the challenge, I will post them here, and I will see that they get posted with the #utos team, so we can all participate and get cool things in return!

Ok, enough yapping, I have tech blog posts to write!