A few weeks of forethought

Geeks unite! What a couple of weeks we have coming up, and things are going to be awesome! Here are some events I will be attending and I hope to see you all there!

Ignite Salt Lake

March 4th will mark the 4th Ignite event in Salt Lake City, at the State Room (21+). The event opens at 6:00PM.

As is tradition with Ignite there will be a building activity to start things off, this time the construction materials include twisty ties and 5,000 little green army men, that sounds like fun :D

Following the build they are going to have two session of 9 talks each, each talk lasting only 5 minutes.

The pace is fast and the talks sound interesting this go round:

  • James Young - You sunk my Battleship!
  • Jason Vance - 15 things to remember when dating in a post Apocalyptic Zombie Environment
  • Matthias Shapiro &┬áJason Alderman - Mobile App Dev RAP BATTLE (this should be awesome!)
  • DJ Waldo - Dude
  • Kellen McAffee - How to tell your friends that you’ve seen a sasquatch
The event is free, and really fun. I encourage all (over 21) to attend this event, you will not be sorry.

Hostlers Model Train Festival

March 5th through the 7th will be the dates for the Hostlers Festival where over 8000 people will come to see the finest in model train setups.

The Hostlers were formed in 1988 and by 2004 had over 180 members! They specialize in all scale modeling, and love to spread the joy of model trains to all.

The event is $5 at the Union Station in Ogden. Hours are posted at http://www.hostlers.info/

Last year they had some really impressive setups and some excellent vendors. This show is a great one for taking the little ones too, they will love all the working models.

Also take time to go through the Utah State Railroad Museum while you are there.