Announcing the Announce List!

Fellow nerds, listen up, if you want to know about the nerd, open source, or just plain awesome things happening in Utah, then you want to be a subscriber to the UTOS Announcement Mailing List

From the Official UTOS Blog:

The idea behind this mailing list is to simplify the announcements that UTOS provides to the community.  While we do a fair bit on our blog, we’d like to keep the mailngs going, but it has become complex to send mail to each Local User Group (LUG) every time we need to advertise an event or announce something.  In addition, sending mail to more and more LUGs will make it difficult as we grow the free and open source community in Utah and the Mountain West.
Go ahead and hit up to sign up for the list, and then you can meet me at one of the announced meetings, activities, or just plain awesome somethings!