Another Geeky Weekend

Last weekend I aspired to have a new setup running Fedora 19 and some other cool stuff. Wasn’t as successful as hoped. So here goes round two. I am already running F19, and have been all week actually. I did just re-install, but because I had mucked some stuff and wanted a clean slate for this weekend. So here is the plan:

  • Fedora 19 (done)
  • 2 Virtual Machines (VM) of Ubuntu 12.04LTS
  • iSCSI Shared Between Host and Guests
The goal here is to have two very similar setups in my VMs. One will be U12.04LTS stock, with PHP 5.3.x and the other with PHP 5.4. If all goes well this will lend itself to the possibility of having plenty more VMs with different versions for testing a single code base.

The iSCSI shares will be where my code base will live. I will do a git clone from work into the iSCSI share on the host, and then it should be immediately available on each of the guests. No need to copy, or rsync, it’s just done. This also reduces the size of needed space for each VM. By default they are built with 8GB of storage each. After I get my test VMs built and tweaked. I will see how small I can actually get these VMs for quicker replication.

Wish me luck!