E3 Keynotes: And the winner is...

First, I feel I should admit to not actually attending E3, I can’t afford that kind of ticket, and I have no real ties to media.

That out of the way, let’s talk nerdy.


Microsoft didn’t make any really amazing announcements this year except that their already solid platform is getting even more refined with better support for the Kinect, both in the core element (dashboard) and from game developers.

Lots of new titles with Kinect support, including shooters, fighters, and more. That should be awesome to see flesh out. I am personally excited to try my hand at Madden 12 and FIFA 12, and in the past I have ignored and even ranĀ  away from sports titles cause I hated the controls. Now that I can actually “play” these games I may give it another try.

Microsoft is also bringing TV offerings to the Xbox environment. I haven’t seen many details about when or how or what it will cost, but I am sure the details are out there somewhere.

Kinect has been really refined and Microsoft really doesn’t want you to use the controllers unless you must and so all things are now navigable by voice alone. Good work Microsoft!

The only critic I have, and have had for a while, is they need to open up the SDK and access to the environment. I am not at all surprised they are keeping this garden walled, but it would be fun to have the SDK and develop apps for their system.


Personally I think Sony had nothing of real excitement. They revamped the PSP, gave it a bigger screen, more power, and 3G. So now there will be more to clog the wireless intertubes of the world. The rest of the keynote was “We fixed things, and here are some more titles that use our Wii like controller”


Ok, I get that Nintendo really made this whole gaming world what it is today. We all owe a lot of gratitude to them for making the NES, the Gameboy, the DS, the 3DS, and the Wii. However, just because you “innovate” doesn’t mean you should do this one Nintendo. The Wii U is stupid. My opinion may change when I have a chance to play with the system, but really it is a dumb idea from where I sit.

Basically the Wii U is a new console with HD support. About time. Add to that they gave you a controller with a 6.2 inch screen. So now your HDTV becomes the top half of a really elaborate DS and the controller is the bottom half. The second screen gives you a lot of neat things to build off of and some of the demo videos show some neat concepts. But as my good friend Monnok said it

Oh shit, we cant beat NO controller.. how about we make ours bigger and more unwieldy and just call it better?
I will give some respect to Nintendo and let them finish fleshing out the world of Wii U, but I can’t see myself purchasing one in the near future.

And the winner is…

Microsoft. Although they really didn’t bring anything new or amazing to the table, they are perfecting their already awesome idea of removing the controller entirely from the picture. They have even started allowing titles that merge the existence of the controller with Kinect. That is going to be a really big winner in my mind.

I think the Kinect experience can still get better, and I think we will only see that over the next year or so while Microsoft prepares the next level of console.