Fun Holiday Weekend

This weekend has been a blast for me, and it isn’t even over. I really have about 3 more days until life goes back to “normal”. Thursday of course was Thanksgiving, and I ate my heart out on pie. What a great day. Then came Friday, I fixed my system at work to run the way a good linux box should run. It is nice to know when I go into work on Monday things are working smoothly, and I have effects!

I finally got 8.10 installed on my work box, probably gonna catch some heat from the boss for doing it when I did, but it was worth it! I have my graphics card drivers working, which means I have compiz working it ass off now. Sadly getting it working on my ATI X1300 card at work is making my NVIDIA mobile graphics card at home look lame and slow. Oh well, in due time I will fix that by building a new kick ass machine for the home/office.