Get Your Own Domain!

For years I have been preaching how having your own domain is awesome. For starters you can do whatever the heck you want with it. Blog, pic site, file storage, redirect to Google, anything. One major thing I have been pushing is to use your own domain in conjunction with Google Apps and give yourself the catch all account for email. I have done this for years and here is why:


Today the ban hammer was dropped on a ton of offenders, we will target one in particular, ¬†Apparently against my usual better judgement I signed up for their site a long time ago and gave them my email address, sorta. Instead of giving out my catch-all address I gave them Why? So they could sell it and it doesn’t bother me, ever.

Since giving them my email address of they have sold it, at least, twice. How do I know this? Because I have received two (or more) emails to the address, and not my catch all account. Since I don’t have a configuration for the their finally resting location is in fact my catch-all account, but they are shown as sent to So what, right?

So the two emails I have received were NOT from email addresses, and instead were from two spam houses. Well in the normal situation of having no domain and only a single email account for everything I would continuously be bombarded with emails, instead I have a way to stop the potentially millions of possible emails coming in. Block the email address. Done. One filter, no more spam (from that vendor).

People may laugh at me for setting up email the way I did, and giving each company a different email address, but when I am able to block more spam then all my friends, I feel pretty awesome. Go ahead, spam now, it is free and ready to be spammed, all you are going to do is tick off Google.

Need Help?

If you would like to setup your own domain, hosting, and email filters, let me know. I would be happy to provide details on how to do it all. You can email me at!