Getting Back to #GeekLife

Life has been hectic lately. To recap the last year, I started a great new job, have taken on way more responsibility in life than I should have, and I have fallen away from some of the things I really love to do, like blogging.

So I am attempting to make a go of it. For starters I am fixing my blog. I have updated Ghost, and I am going to use forever to make to run, well forever.

Then I am going to start writing more often. I know, I have made this promise before, but this time I am motivated. I have a silver bullet, I am adding a -f to my blog command. I am forcing myself to write something, even something mundane and horrible every day. No excuses.

The Plans

Last week I attended Open West Conference. It was amazing to see all the people come together for common goals. The common goal being the love and sharing of Open Source technologies. There were even some great talks that weren’t actually about technology, but the managing and inclusvitiy of technology.

While at the conference I blew the dust off my Twitter presence and really knocked out a bunch of tweets. Nearly 100 tweets in just a few days. I got a lot of traction from those tweets too, so that was the first stoke of the flame.

I also talked to a lot of people IRL and realized I really like doing that, face-to-face. It has given me insight into things I want to try in the future.

I also did a lot of thinking about the technologies I am using at home, and how I could better utilize them to make things in my house easier, or more fun.

Finally, I remembered why I became a geek in the first place. To play, to learn and to understand. Don’t just give me a wall of buttons, tell me what each button does, and why. So I am getting back at it, I am digging in and I am learning.