Ghost, NodeJS, and SqLITE

Welcome to the new blog engine. Ghost.

Hello Ghost!

Ghost is a new blogging engine designed by former WordPress engineers with the purpose of being a blog, and just a blog. The entire system is created to make blogging, formatting, and handling easier. I have to say, they have nailed it.

Written in NodeJS, with SqLite as the backend storage, things are snappy. I am not sure how scalable they are yet, but frankly it is small enough and fast enough for this blog.

I made the jump to Ghost because part of my 2014 plan is to convert my person projects from PHP to Python and NodeJS (on the backend) and to use more JS-esque frontends (Dart, and JS).

2014 - The Plan

As any good New Year’s Resolution goes, I am writing this one done to force myself to adhere to it. So here is the list of things I hope to accomplish this year:

NodeJS -

I plan to write at least one major project in NodeJS. The current plan is a REST web service for a Web/Android front-end.

Python -

All automation on my servers and any new software (where I can) will be written in Python.

AngularJS, Knockout, and Dart

I plan to write front-end sites in all of the above languages. I really feel this is the year of JavaScript(-esque) for myself.

Android -

Using the REST web service written in NodeJS I plan to write a very basic front end in Android to run on my phone. More on this project later in the year.

Salt -

At work I have had the pleasure of implementing Salt. It is a configuration management and remote management system that I have really enjoyed and I can’t wait to spend more time with.

Luckily I have been allowed to attend SaltConf this spring in Salt Lake City, Utah. There I will get to pick the brains of the best Salt Masters and learn a lot of new stuff.


I have been using Linux as my desktop environment and server environment almost exclusively for a few years now. Most of that time has been spent in Fedora and Ubuntu. I am ready to spread my wings and take on new challenges in this arena. I plan to test drive (in length) at least the following distributions this year:

In my high hopes I will get a LFS distribution of my own ready and deploy it to either Linode or DigitalOcean (or another cloud host). This will reduce greatly the footprint needed for hosting a site (like my blog). Imagine a Linux distribution specificaly geared for a VM environment with networking, and nginx, and NodeJS (with SQLite). That would be all that is needed. I figure this would weigh in well under 100MB. We’ll see.

Not Tech Initiatives

Among the tech initatives I plan to also spend time at the gym, eat better, and generally get active with my kids. They are getting to that age where interaction needs to be more than “yeah, you did that amazingly!”