Google Interview #1

Today I had my first interview with Google. HOLY COW! I was more nervous than I needed to be, I think. I had to work through the problems given with the engineer on the phone, using a Google Doc. So they could literally see EVERYTHING I was typing, and hear everything I was thinking. Intense! I eventually made it through the process I think. I was asked to not share the questions I was asked, but trust me when I say that EVERY SysAdmin out there should know these things. There was nothing especially difficult, just the nerves throwing me off.

All in all, I can now officially say I have interview with Google, and that is a lot more than a lot of my peers can say. (take the wins you can, right?).

We’ll see how Google felt about me in the coming days, because if I passed this round I will have one more phone/browser interview and then face-to-face interviews. Here’s hoping I get to round two!