Google Music Magnifier

Four months ago Google entered the music game, sort of, and now they are launching a music discovery site, sort of.

Google Music

It’s no secret at this point that Google has been letting people into Google Music Beta to store music online. You can then listen to the music you have stored online by either web browser, or mobile device (if there is an app for your device). This is not what the world was expecting when Google said it was entering the music business, but we all have to start somewhere, and why not start with an almost non-existent product?

The only benefit with Google Music outside of storing your collection of MP3s on Google’s dime, is they toss you a few free tracks at signup. Nothing new or amazing, but a bunch of good songs based on your very minimal preferences (What genres do you like?).

Enter Magnifier

Last night I got an email from Google Music¬†announcing Magnifier “our new music discovery site”. ¬†Here’s more on it from the email:
Each and every day, our team of music experts will highlight new, free music on Magnifier. Sometimes it will be songs you haven’t heard of by artists you have. Sometimes it will be new artists we think deserve more attention. And sometimes there will be video interviews and live performances.
They go on to say
  • You can add music from Magnifier to Google Music instantly
  • You can do it for free
  • “The artist is being featured because someone on our team thinks they’re pretty great”
That last point makes me think I will be forced to enjoy Googlers choices in music for the foreseeable future, which is kind of a turn off.
Not lending to the technical merits of Googlers, the new Magnifier “service” is actually hosted on Blogspot/Blogger. Which bascially means it is nothing special. Just a site with some links for adding music via Google Music. So couldn’t we all link to free music in Google Music.
More to the problem with Magnifier is that the current selections of “Free Tracks” are the same tracks that were already available for free at time of sign up. So there is currently nothing new, unless you told Google you had no preferences in Music and didn’t get music at sign up.
This is probably a wait and see time as the blog (yeah I said blog and not service) is free and just starting. Maybe they will build some steam and get some music that matches more of my taste in music, and maybe they won’t and it will be yet another music industry voice I can ignore in the pursuit of gritty metal happiness.
Let’s see where this goes.