Greenworks 20 Inch Reel Mower; how I spent the first 20 minutes of my evening

Let’s play a little game of catch up for those just joining, or not in my little circle of people I actually talk to. I live in Daybreak, a great community in South Jordan, Utah. Daybreak is known for it’s amazing master plan including a lake, parks and trails, and much more. It is also known locally for having notoriously small yards, if any at all. My house is the epitome of that, having a yard that is about 200sq.ft.┬átotal. I didn’t want to waste a lot of time mowing grass each week, instead I wanted to get out and live it up on the lake, or poolside. Under 200 sq.ft. of grass is perfect.

I looked into having a lawn service, and they were just too expensive for such a small yard. Plan B was a mower. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on maintenance or gas and oil for a conventional mower, so I opted for a push (or reel) mower. A quick search on found a great deal on a Greenworks 20 inch Reel Mower. Snagged it up with Amazon Prime (so shipping was cheap).

It arrived yesterday, and I put it together today. Assembly probably took 20 minutes, simple assembling of the handle and then snapping it into place on the mower. The mower also comes with the grass catcher, so I had to put that on too, but it just hooks right on.

2 minutes later, my lawn was mowed (I am not kidding, less than 2 minutes to be honest). The reel mower was smooth, and whistled along as I went. It was amazing to think I was cutting grass for the first time in my 31 years without gas or oil in the mix. Me, nature, and the reel mower. It was blissful. When I was done I detached the catcher, and dumped the grass in my garbage can (I will probably get a compost turner soon).

Overall the Greenworks mower was perfect! I had a slight hiccup when the wheels jammed, still not sure why, but all seems to be ok now. With a 4 year warranty I am not really worried about the mower locking up just a little.

The only real complaint I have is that the grass catcher wasn’t as effective as I would have liked, I bet it caught 50% of the grass I cut. Still it was a great experience and I would recommend the Greenworks 20” Reel Mower to anyone.