iPad Mini, The new iPad

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Apple announced the new iPad Mini today, probably the web worst kept secret. As expected the display is 7.9 inches, and 1024x769 pixels. That isn’t even close to retina and quite a bit lower (25%) than the Nexus 7 from Google and Asus. I was personally surprised by this because it literally made the iPad Mini a shrunken version of the iPad 2 which is now two generations old.

Oh right, did I mention that the The New iPad is no longer the new iPad? Apple also announced that The New iPad (3rd generation) will no longer be available and instead a 4th generation (also dubbed The New iPad) is dropping in it’s place. Only seven months old (released March 16th, 2012) the iPad3 is being replaced by what all boils down to an iPad with a newer CPU/GPU. The processor has been changed from an A6 (built by ARM) to a A6X which is rumored direct from Apple (based on ARM designs). The coolest part of this whole thing is that Apple is making their own chips, for better or worse (I am betting worse).

The truly unexpected part of the whole game is that the 4th gen iPad is so close to the predecessor. Some are speculating the change was to get the iPad closer in line with holiday spending, when most are more likely to spend the required $500-800 for a product of this nature. Others are speculating it was just to get off the licensing with ARM as fast as possible. Frankly I would wager the previous as paying ARM is still going to happen, just at a lower rate since they are basically just stealing their plans now.

There was other news from the Apple camp, but I don’t care much about Mac mini and whatever else they announced.