JavaScript& Ajax: For the Web

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“160” caption=“JavaScript & Ajax: For the Web, Seventh Edition”]JavaScript & Ajax: For the Web, Seventh Edition[/caption]

Any web developer should be able to tell you the secrets to the web at JavaScript and Ajax. They are after all what makes Web 2.0 what it is. Lending to the ability of a site to have dynamics that were once thought impossible this book unlocks the secrets of the web and shows you what you must know to be a good javascript developer.

PeachPit really picked a winner in Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. They present the information in a playful but informative manner. Each chapter covers a direct purpose, but overall the pieces fit together quite well and explain in common english the best practices of JavaScript.

They didn’t stop at good chapters either, the Appendixes are actually really informative too! The first (Appenix A) talks about the history of JavaScript and is also a quick reference. Appendix B is reserved words, which is really handy. Appendix C is a CSS Reference, which is really handy while doing Dynamic page chagnes. 


Overall this books was quite informative and I will keep it close as it is a good reference of Javascript as well.