LEGO Technic Idea Books

As we grow up and get more mature some things become taboo and thought childish if to be partaken in as an adult, LEGO building being one of these activities. Let’s be honest, every time you see a pile of LEGOs all you can really think about is digging in and seeing what you can build in the time available. Maybe a car, maybe a house, maybe the final battle of Mordor from Lord of the Rings? But alas, this is taboo.

In the fight against adulthood No Starch Press has come forward with a beacon of hope, a shining sword thrown directly into the heart of the beast that is adulthood, and sent it running, that sword? LEGO Technic Idea Books. A three part series that simply shows you more about LEGOs than you really ever thought about.

The three books are Simple Machines, Wheeled Wonders, and Fantastic Contraptions. They focus heavily on the Technic line of LEGOs but a lot of the stuff in all three books can be done without any Technics pieces at all.

Written by 42 year LEGO building veteran Yoshihito Isogawa, known for computer manuals he wrote while at Tokyo University of Science, and two time grand prize winner of Japan Manual Contest held by the Japan Technical Communicators Association.

If you are looking for long words, this is not a set of books for you. Comprised of hundreds of full color photos of LEGO pieces and how they fit together, and their purpose there is hardly a word past the intro of the books. This is pleasant as it means even your kids (yeah, they play with LEGOs too) can pick up the books and flip through them and learn a thing of two.

I was particularly impressed with the note to parents explaining that playing with LEGOs and praising the works of your children can be a strong relationship, and educational tool. I think it is great that they remembered that geeks have kids too!

I personally will find hours of enjoyment and success thanks to these books from No Starch Press, and I hope you will pick these up too and learn with me.

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