Linux Administration A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“140” caption=“Linux Administration: A Beginners Guide”]Linux Administration: A Beginners Guide[/caption]

As Wale Soyinka claims at the beginning, Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide, Fifth Edition; is a book for beginners, not for “dummies.” He assumes you know most of the basic terms and concepts needed to run a modest Windows network. This book explains the “why” for many of the facets in running a Linux server, to further complete your knowledge of your system and to understand the options available to you when setting up and tweaking your server to suit your needs.

It covers so many topics that it understandably doesn’t go into a lot of detail on some of them.  But then again, this is not an expert’s guide.  It will, however, help you get pretty familiar with the tools you’ll need and even provides background information about how certain programs evolved.  The content was kept fresh by the author adding gems of humor and making the text read a lot less like a math book than I expected.

There are plenty of command line examples strewn throughout the book, and human-readable explanations of each option you have available to you. Because sometimes, Linux’s man page documentation is too cryptic for those not intimately familiar with an application.  This adds to the book’s value as a reference manual for when you can’t remember everything you read.

This book filled in a lot of the holes in my education concerning Linux and administration in general.  A good investment for anyone looking to start their own solid Linux server, or a reference book for the more seasoned admin. From reading this book, I feel much more confident in my admin-abilities and have solid ground to reach higher levels of Linux administration.  All of which of course, adds to my value as an employee!