McDonald's Has Pissed Me Off

This morning was the straw the broke the camel’s back, and here is the result:

This morning tipped the scale of what I feel is mistake and just plain lack of caring.

Over the last few weeks I have been visiting your restaurant (Store #3320) and have been assaulted with plain poor service.

One visit (about a week ago) I was given through the drive through window drinks that were actively draining soda into my lap. The girl at the window (a portly woman with a napkin under her headset) acknowledged they were leaking, handed me the drinks (which I held out of my car until) she slammed the window shut, and then ignored me while I attempted to get her attention about the drinks. I was then forced to take the drinks across my lap (spilling soda on my pants and coat, along with my car interior), so that I could pull forward to a parking spot to return into the building and ask for a replacement drink. Here I was met with stares of disbelief and bewilderment. I had to ask twice for a new drink, and never did an employee apologize or even speak to me! They all simply moved like robots with no concern or sympathy.

This morning took the cake when I ordered oatmeal and was handed a cup full of over watered oats. It literally was like soup. There was no thickness to it at all. I returned to the store to ask that my oatmeal be replaced. The manager took the cup from me (again with out saying a single word) and asked another team member to make me a new cup of oatmeal. The gentleman proceeded to do so, and handed me another cup that was too full of water that the oat and water ratio would never work out. I rejected this second cup and asked for a third. The manager (again not talking to me) asked yet another team member to make a new cup of oatmeal. This time a slightly older lady took the charge and made a cup with the appropriate amount of water, and turned and mentioned to me to give it a moment and the oats would rise. This time the oat to water ratio was more acceptable. However, and to no fault of the employee herself when my wife ate the oatmeal she said it tasted old, as if the oats were stale. Not a good experience.

Something needs to be done! These people are ruining your customer experience. The lack of caring in this morning location is astounding! No one talks to the customers, no one cares if the orders are correct or quick. No one cares when you bring in a bad cup or soda, or oatmeal to offer an apology. To look the customer in the eyes and say “Sorry that happened, let me fix it”. Instead I am met with what feels like a dark sense of avoidance. Get the customer out of here quickly, don’t make eye contact, and don’t for the love of all that is holy let the customer know we care.

This needs to be fixed.