Moving On Up

The the northwest side…

Well things are changing around here. I have put in notice at Progrexion Marketing and I am heading to Seatlle to work for Zulily. The last year and a half have opened my eyes to the possibility of changing from a software developer to an infrastructure engineer, or DevOps guy.

###Senior Infrastructure Engineer I shall be known as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Zulily, which is fancy talk for Automation Engineer. Well, it entails a lot more than that… so it is kind of a great title.

###Change in Venue Zulily is based in downtown Seattle, WA. So the family is moving right on up to Washington. Monday the packers and movers come, Wednesday the cleaners, and then Thursday we clean carpet and head out. I am very excited.

Being in the heart of downtown Seattle is exciting. Pike’s Market, the first ever Starbucks, EMC2, as well as plenty of other neighboring companies.

###On to Better I am not saying Washington is better than Utah, but I am saying we are changing more than just where we live. We plan to eat better, and be more active, in hopes of changing (for good) the habits and lifestyle we have grown accustomed to.

I can’t wait to get this journey started… it is driving me nuts sitting around waiting.