My Geeky Sunday

I just put the kids down for a nap, and I am writing this blog while I transfer files from my work laptop to my external hard drive so I can do a complete rebuild of my OS stack on my laptop.

Going to be installing Fedora 19, Schrödinger’s cat. Going to make sure to put my /var in my larger partition this time (as I ran out of space last time).

If I get a moment I am going to attempt to root my Nexus 4, no real reason, just want to root it. Going to try out the Nexus Root Toolkit for that job.

I am also spending this time creating mind maps of some software I need to write, so I am making sure I think ahead of all the things it will need. I love mind mapping. Yeah, I am nerdy.

So, what are you doing on your Geeky Sunday?