Net10 Data Policy Change

Hey friends! Well first off I am late with this news because, well, Net10 sucks at making this type of news known. As a customer you would think they would have messaged this to me via email, text, or some other means they have of reaching me like… calling me or mailing me a notice.

As of March 1st all AT&T compatible SIMs are limited to 1.5GB of data (this is a hard limit, there is NO data after 1.5GB). While most users will never even know this has happened, power users like myself certainly will. In just over a week I have myself used nearly 3.0GB of data. Streaming music, watching videos, Google Hangouts and what not. I use a LOT of data.

There is an option to change your SIM to the non-AT&T (a.k.a. T-mobile) GSM SIM. If you visit or call 888-805-5895 they will get a FREE T-mobile Compatible SIM sent out to you. They are sending both full SIM and micro-SIM cards. I am not sure how long it takes to get your truly unlimited data SIM, hopefully not long. Nor am I sure how the process works of switching SIMs. I will find out soon (I hope) and let you all know as I make the switch myself.

Until you get your new T-mobile SIM, becareful! This is not a soft limit with a speed reduction. THIS IS A HARD LIMIT! Once you use 1.5GB you are cut off completely. No data at all. Not ever slow data. Just your WiFi. Which BTW sucks.

How’d I get to 3.0GB with my AT&T Sim? Great question. Basically the way I became aware of the issue was when I attempted to fix my MMS by switching APNs. Basically when I got my phone I assumed the T-mobile APN settings. So I used them, but MMS wouldn’t work properly (read: at all). I researched it Sunday and made some changes to be connected to the AT&T APN. What a mistake. This alerted the proper authorities and now I am locked out until my next service start on the 23rd. Take not today is the 10th. I get to go two weeks without any cell data. UGH… it is going to be a LONG two weeks. Wish me luck.