Netflix + Wii = My Whole Home Covered!

So I have had the Xbox360 streaming my Netflix selections for a while now, and it was kind of annoying to have to move it to the living room if I wanted to watch a movie downstairs instead of in the comfort of my bed.  Well now I don’t have to make such a decision.

No, I didn’t get a Xbox360 for the living room, but now the Wii is getting streaming from Netflix! Here is a snipplet from the New York Times about it:

Nintendo is bringing Netflix’s online streaming video service to its Wii gaming console, the most popular in the industry, the companies plan to announce Wednesday. The service lets subscribers choose from a catalog of generally older movies and television shows and watch them instantly.
It sucks because the rumor is that you will have to use a disc to start the service (ala the PS3), which is sad since Nintendo has a market that in theory should be able to provide such a software sans-disc.

Furthermore I hope the rumors are wrong and the disc is a one time channel install. That would be acceptable in my mind. Otherwise watching videos on the Wii will still be cumbersome as I will have to protect another disc from the kids.

Update: You can now signup to be notified when the streaming disc is ready for Netflix @