Penguins Learn to Fly

Ok, so maybe the title is a bit misleading, but here is the deal. The Linux Foundation, you know the guys who safe guard Linux and employ Linus, are going to offer free, as in beer, educational webinars on the topics of Linux starting in March.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about Linux from the folks who are developing and changing Linux everyday! You can sign up for the courses at:

Here are some details from the page above:

Starting in March, The Linux Foundation will be offering free Linux Training webinars taught by well-known Linux developers directly building on their own experience.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn directly from key developers and to experience a sample of the type of courses offered through our Linux Training program.

Some of the upcoming courses are:
  • “An Introduction to Git,” by kernel maintainer and TAB chair James Bottomley
  • “Linux System Troubleshooting and Tuning” by Linux author and community manager Joe Brockmeier
  • “Linux Administration 101” also by Joe Brockmeier
  • “How to Work wth the Linux community,” by editor and kernel developer Jon Corbet
  • “A Linux Filesystem Overview,” by kernel dev Christoph Hellwig
  • “Btrfs: An Intro and Update” to the new file system for Linux, by project lead Chris Mason
  • “Linux Performance Tuning,” by North America’s first kernel developer Ted Ts’o
I personally am looking forward to these and hopefully many more webinars in the future, and would like to give an advanced thank you to the Linux Foundation for all the great work they are sponsoring every day.