Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant on T-Mobile): First Day

So technically yesterday was my first with the new phone, but it was late in the evening and I decided instead of try and formulate a review I would just get it setup and then use it for a day.

The phone is a dream! The 1GHz processor screams, and makes light work of heavy graphics and surfing. I am unfortunately stuck in an Edge network (Panama City, Florida) and so things are quite as snappy as they could be if I were back in SLC. All that aside things happen much faster still than they did with my old G1.

The Super AMOLED screen is dynamite! This is the best display I have ever seen on a phone (still haven’t seen a Retina display). The images are crisp and the colors are deep and rich. It is truly an amazing screen.

The internal memory is a big treat too. I have currently 14GB free with 1.4GB free on the external memory card. This is quite welcome as I was able to move all things from my phone over and keep going as if I never moved.

Running Android 2.1 is nice, but I had that on my G1, so nothing new there. I have seen and heard rumors that 2.2 is coming for the Galaxy phones, but we will have to wait and see. Rooting the phone was a cinch and I won’t look back. I can’t wait to find a good mod for the phone (hopefully Cyanogenmod).

The best thing I can report about the phone is the work that Samsung put into battery life. Android phones have been notorious battery monsters. The G1 on a good day would go 5 hours without a charge. These days are gone, and I brought proof. Today I charged my phone to 100% capacity, then I took the phone off the charger for the whole day. With the exception of 1 reboot (which fubbed the numbers to be shorter) here are the results:

As you can see from the screen shot I went over 11 hours and 27 minutes off the plug. This is just amazing! It wasn’t until the last hour or so that I noticed any real problems, like the camera not allowing pictures with such low battery.

The biggest draw back I have seen in the phone is that some features are turned off when on the phone or doing various tasks. For example you can’t take a picture while talking on the phone… I don’t know why.

The 5MP camera is nice, and quick to respond, would be nice to see a large MP but that is ok too.

Overall I think the Vibrant is a clear winner in the best Android phone category. Good work Samsung and kudos to Tmobile for picking it up.