Seattle Social Experiment #1


Back in September I took a position at Zulily, and I moved to Seattle. As I am sure is no surprise to anyone, in Seattle Coffee is king! I mean, it has it’s own Wikipedia Page. Unfortunately I never really acquired the taste for hot coffee. Iced is fine. However, there are no iced coffee machines in my office.*

The Problem

So what is the problem? There is caffeine in the office, right? Yes, but as I stated I don’t like hot coffee, I am more of a cold drink guy. In fact, my drink of choice is Mtn Dew.

Time to tldr this puppy. 1 set of vending machines, with 0 bottles of MtnDew (also those bottles are $1.50 a pop, screw that!) The closest store with MtnDew to the office is 50ft in elevation change (up hill) and they only sell 1 liter bottles, and those are almost $3. Safeway sells 12-packs for about $4. Some quick math:

  • 1 liter = 33.814oz = $3 = $0.08/oz
  • 12-pack of 12oz cans (144oz) = $4 = $0.02/oz

The rest of the problem is how to drink cold Mtn Dew. There is only 1 way to get ice in the office, it is 1 city block and 1 stair case away. Too far, and it turns off at 2pm, so there is no cold drinks after 2. Insane.

The Experiment:

Against my better judgement I have decided to bite the bullet and put a 12-pack in the fridge. I plan to take a few stabs at this with the following being the hypothesis:

Phase 1

A lone 12-pack will be raided (taken without payment or thanks)

If this happens, well it happens. I won’t fault those who take my Mtn Dew, it is an amazing drink.

Phase 2

Phase two of the experiement will be a 12-pack with a sign that reads:

Please don’t drink my Mtn Dew – Bear

I figure this will lose less Mtn Dew, but it isn’t as friendly to those craving the sweet nectar. Which brings me to phase three of my plan.

Phase 3

A 12-pack with a sign that reads:

1 Can = 2 Quarters ($50)

I will leave a small paper cup at the bottom. I will either earn a little coin, or lose coin and MtnDew.

Let the experiment begin.