Standing Desk: 3 months later

It has been exactly three months since I started using a standing desk at work. I LOVE IT! I can’t say it has been the easiest thing to change in my life, but since I just dove in and did it, it has really changed things about me. I actually really appreciate sitting now, but often find myself wishing I were standing. Which is weird.

The first few weeks were tough, and there are some things that have really felt good and bad as I have done this. Immediately the back pain I was experiencing daily was gone. I attribute that pain to having chairs and desks that didn’t quite fit me. I have had a change in the pain in my feet. I am still experimenting with shoes to see what feels best while standing. So if you have suggestions, please feel free to throw them out here.

My manager did pick me up a standing mat (not that actual mat, but like it). That made a HUGE difference in the pain I was having in my feet. I also often take my shoes off because it feels better. This had made the need for slip on shoes for work kind of important to me.

Calves and knees have their days. I am not sure why but some days my calves feel like rock attached to my legs. I need to get to the gym more often to work on my legs. I think it will help in my general overall quality of life, and standing.

I am a software developer, and so at work I go LONG stretches without sitting (up to 12 hours), and take few (sitting) breaks. I have one meeting a week that I attend, it is one to two hours on Monday mornings. That meeting is a great break after a weekend of sitting. I sit for breaks. I sit for lunch. I sit at home, though I have found I am more likely to get up and move while at home.

I have taken note that the design I chose to use has actually had some really great benefits in being easy to disassemble to route wires and cables. The shelf isn’t attached and so I can just pop it off and move things around. This came in handy when the company gave us new computers and I had to run all the cables again. I also have a nice little storage area under the desk, so I can put things there, which is out of my line of sight.

Folks around the office are giving me credit for others following me lead. I didn’t preach the idea to too many people (just my immediate cubicle team) but others around the office have taken the cue and ¬†have built their own standing desks. One guy at my office actually built a home treadmill desk. I could see myself heading down that route in the future. Jeremy Hanks ( a local business man) has a great blog post about using a treadmill desk. I just might buy a Fitbit soon too.

Overall I am proud of myself for sticking with it. There were days when my legs burned so badly I just wanted to quit, take the abuse from those who knew I sat, and accept it. I have stayed strong, and plan to stand for many months, years, decades to come. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive about the journey, you have made this that much more fun.