Standing Desk

As of late there is ample information about how bad sitting all day at work is, especially if you are particularly out of shape (like me). Lots of people are praising the idea of using a standing desk, here are some links with more information on those topics:

So I am out of shape, and want a better experience at work, and also I could use a change in scenery. So I have setup my own Standing Desk. Using the $22 Standing Desk as my inspiration I have constructed a $60 standing desk. Following suit with the $22 Standing Desk I used mostly all Ikea parts (they are cheap and assemble quickly). I bought my hardware at Home Depot and had the tools on hand to complete the project. Here are the parts you will need:
  • (2) Lack Side Tables ( if you prefer you can use a Lack coffee table) - $7.99/each
  • (4) Ekby Valter shelf brackets - $4.00/each
  • (1) Ekby Jarpen shelf - $14.99
  • (8) 14” x 3.5” hex bolts - $0.24/each
  • (16) 14” flat washers
  • (8) 14” hex nuts
You will also need a drill with a 14” bit, although the shelf brackets are pre-drilled the bolts don’t actually fit the holes, and you will need to drill larger holes. You can opt for using screws instead of bolts and not need a drill, but instead a screwdriver. Your choice.

The assembly is simple. Put two of the legs on each lack table, these will be the back of your standing desk. With the front legs measure where you want your brackets attached. For me the brackets were mounted 2.75” up from the bottom. Drill the holes for the brackets in the legs, try to keep them as straight as possible. Next drill out the screw holes on the brackets so your bolts will fit through. Slide a washer onto the bolt, slip it through the bracket and leg and then put on another washer and finally the nut. Tighten that all up and then put the leg on the table. It is all pretty obvious once you get going.

When you are done you will have something like this:

Standing Desk

My standing desk at work.
So before you make the jump into a standing desk know what you are in for, read some of these: Heeding the news that my legs are going to hurt the first few days I actually thought to make sure I don’t have to do a full week with the standing desk at first go. That is why I built it on Thusday morning. I will have two days of standing desk, and then a nice weekend. I think that will give me some relief while I am adjusting. I also made sure to wear my most comfortable shoes for Thursday, and Friday I can wear my sneakers, so I think I am going to be ok. I will update with more on all of that later.