Summer Sausage

A break from the normal routine of book reviews and code. This weekend I was the recipient of some great white elephant gifts. The most notable of all a 2Lb log of Summer Sausage.

This brought to question:

Why is it called Summer Suasage?
And thanks to the geek in me, I wikied it! Without further ado:
Summer sausage is the general term for any sausage that can be kept without the need of refrigeration.
My first guess was close, I guessed it was made of meats that would be left over come Summer, which if you keep reading
Summer sausage, like all sausages, makes use of leftover scrap meat and organ meat that would otherwise be wasted.
Finally, when is it made? Summer, right? Wrong!
In spite of its name, summer sausage actually tends to be made in the autumn, during traditional hunting seasons in North America and Europe.
The more you know!