Taco Bell $2 Meals miss the mark

Taco Bell recently brought out $2 combos, and I have to say they are great! However, the Taco Bell marketing team has really missed a golden opportunity here, and I think that Taco Bell should probably adjust quickly to what I have to say.

I am no marketing genius, case in point my whole <20 visitors a month, however, I know a good opportunity when I see one. The opportunity I see that Taco Bell missed, is budget conscious week long planner.

The new $2 menu has 4 options. Drink + Doritos + (your choice of) Chicken Burrito, 5-layer Burrito, Double Decker Taco, Gordita Supreme. These are all great options and make a pretty great lunch for $2. However there is something wrong with the lineup, a fifth! There are 5 days in the work week. That means for $10+tax I could eat a hot lunch, out of the office, every day! However, the short coming is that 1 of those meals will be exactly the same as a previous meal that week. Not terrible and there are ways to make it work, but why not add a 5th option?

I also think Taco Bell, while aiming for the $2 range, missed a grand opportunity for another range, $3. Let me explain. Each of the entrée items in the meal is $1 or less. This means you can add any entrée item for under a $1 and hit a $3 meal. This is priceless, cause now you can make a mix and match of the 4 items. That gives you 16 meal options for only $3!!! Seriously now, 16 different meals all for under $3. Taco Bell you listening?