The Round Up!

So yesterday was Christmas. The day was spent with family and friends, and in part of Salt Lake with 12+ inches of snow. The day overall was quite enjoyable. Included in my haul was what I consider to be the greatest gift ever, my new Electronic Learning Lab!

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“345” caption=“Electronics Learning Lab”]Electronics Learning Lab[/caption]

Here is a short description:

Learn all about electronics with the Electronic Learning Lab. This set includes everything children age 10 and up need to learn basic and integrated circuits. Build projects that reward with warbles, sirens, flashing lights and circuits that make decisions. Topics are presented in an increasing order of complexity to keep learning fresh and fun. Ultimately advance to circuits using transistors, diodes and 15 integrated circuits.
I am really learning a lot already, and making steps toward my plans for world domination.

I have always been amazed by electronics. I have always wanted to understand them more and be able to look at the things I have and think “I can make that better”. So this new Learning Lab has started me down that path.

So far I haven’t done anything fancy, but I am learning little be little about electronics and what they do. Thanks Santa!