The Webventure!

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen and heard about Chromebooks. They are these really cheap laptops… no netbooks, that basically house nothing more than a really light OS called ChromeOS, which is simply a Linux environment running Chromium. All the “Apps” are web apps, and everything you do (with a few caveats) is done online. Since their inception I have thought they would be very cool machines to use, except…

###What about the developers? I mean, seriously, Ballmer was right, things need to be developed for the “Developers, Developers, Developers!”

Making Chromebooks cheap, and making them available is one thing, but making them useful to the people like me who write the code the people who would use a Chromebook need, well that is another story.

Or is it?

###The Plan So my neighbor just got himself (and all his kids) Chromebooks. They have Samsung and Acer Chromebooks. No Pixel, or anything crazy.

The Chromebook Pixel is a Chromebook… but it costs $1300! Who do they think they are, Apple?!

Just simple everyday machines for doing everyday tasks. They all are currently using them for school. The kids for elementary homework, and him for college.

I played with his today, and it really got me going about the state of things.

I have played with Koding, and Codenvy, and I have seen some other great Web-base IDEs in the last few weeks. So the question comes down to, can you do it all without saving anything locally?

Can you develop a full blown service on a Chromebook.

Now, I don’t have a Chromebook handy, but I can decide to use ONLY the web browser to complete the task at hand.

So I am setting out, I am going to only use services that are only available online to create a project.

###The IDE I have used Koding in the past, when they launched, and really enjoyed the experience. I will also use Codenvy, and maybe find a few newer ones to try out along the way. Of course, I will report my findings as I use each one.

I also plan to open source this project. Hopefully I will find some folks with a like mind who can help down the road.

Off I go!