Verizon iPhone 4

The announcement was made today that the iPhone is coming to Verizon, next month. This is some awesome news if you have been waiting for the iPhone, and are a Verizon user. However, not everything is cheery and awesome.

LTE and iPhone

The good guys at Verizon have been kicking butt in setting up an powerful wireless data network called LTE, and it has gone over really well with few complaints about latency and general connection problems. They allow you to setup hotspots with their devices and things are fast. Unfortunately the Verizon iPhone is being held back to their 3G network, which by all means is just as powerful, if not as fast.

Why are they being held back to 3G, here’s what Tim Cook from Apple has to say:

Two reasons – the first gen LTE chipsets force design changes we wouldn’t make. And Verizon customers told us they want the iPhone now. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been asked ‘when will it work on Verizon.’
So the basics are, we can force you to upgrade later, how very Apple.

CDMA and Voice + Data

When asked will the CDMA version of the iPhone allow voice and data at the same time, Dan Dee has this to say:
Same as a CDMA device
Which historically has been no. Data and voice can’t be used at the same time. So much to all those Apple commercials showing a person getting a call and┬ásimultaneously┬ásending a Tweet, looking up maps, and getting location information on where their stolen car is headed.

All in all the Verizon iPhone 4 is a huge step in the right direction, allowing the iPhone to test the waters outside the prison of AT&T and their lagging network problems.

On a positive note, Verizon was quite proud and enthusiastic today to taut their network strength and their bandwidth margin to ensure that users will get a flawless data experience, as long as they aren’t on a call.