Walking and Texting: This is dumb.

The following is a Publice Service Announcement that discusses the dangers of walking and texting. Please watch, then we’ll talk about it.

The video has a cute nature to it, and frankly I am sure someone somewhere might actually stop and text with their back against a wall. However, my guess is that 95% of people who see this will shrug it off and continue texting in any manner they see fit.

I personally think that texting and walking CAN be dangerous, if done improperly (like while crossing streets and intersections), but done properly (not in streets and intersections) is just fine. Sure you may inconvenience other walkers, but for crying out loud they are walking!! They can just side step you, total amount of inconvenience: half a second.

Another favorite are the 4 gentlemen who collide with each other because one random dude stops. I double checked the video and sure enough if the guy who was texting had continued his trajectory, before texting, he would have avoided the collision and only 3 gentlemen would have been involved because they apparently don’t understand spacial awareness (the 3 not texting).

Most interesting to me is the fact that a guy gets hit by a car in the commercial but they didn’t talk about that aspect of texting and walking, only the pedestrian inconveniences… wouldn’t getting hit by a car trump walking into a door like and idiot?