Why I Check Amazon Appstore Before Android Market

I love my phone. I love Android. I really am starting to love Amazon Appstore, and for one simple reason I will probably check for all my wanted apps there first before considering Android Market. That reason? Usability.

The boys at google have provided an awesome platform for programming. Their market has some great features. Most notably (to me at least) is remembering which apps I've purchased. This saves me from paying for an app multiple times. Yay for saving money. Amazon Appstore does this too.

So why Amazon first? They tell me what apps I own. Allow me to detail this for you.

I have downloaded every daily free app since installing Appstore, sadly today I had reason to wipe all user data on my phone (long story) to get MP3s working again. This means reinstalling all my apps. I literally had 50+ apps installed between the two stores.

Android Market remembers what I own and doesnt charge me for them, but Amazon Appstore told me what apps I had purchased and I didnt have to hunt them down.

It would have been nice if Appstore had had a install all option, but at least they showed me up front what i had and how to install, no searching.

Good work Amazon. Google... Queen is to Amazon.