Why I'm mad about Thor's credits

I just saw Thor last night, and aside from being an awesome movie I am upset at the last line in the credits before the hidden scene (we call them Skeletors in my house).

The last line in the credits was this:

Thor will return in The Avengers
Now to most people that would seem innocuous, and just to serve as an opportunity to advertise another film. However I see it quite differently. I see this as vendor lockin (stay with me here).

Thor is an independent creature from The Avengers, and there is plenty of stories about Thor and family and friends that could fill volumes of movies and still work toward the plot or in worst case scenario against the plot of The Avengers. Instead they have decided to tease us with Thor, and then leave us hanging until an otherwise undetermined point in time when they may or may not make The Avengers. Furthermore, The Avengers wasn’t always Thor and friends, it constantly changed in line up.

I am just disappointed that Iron Man got two movies before being sidelined until The Avengers and Thor only got one movie. It is disheartening. It sort of makes you think that Thor is simply going to get Thor and The Avengers and then be back burnered until some future time at which it will be rebooted and then made into something sad and only a glimpse of things that once were.

I think the director of the film should be ashamed that they loaded these last words into the credit as they did nothing but lock down the future possibilities of Thor movies and a full Thor franchise until a time at which The Avengers has come and gone.