Xbox One and the whiners

Back on my soapbox, it has been a while.

The internet is a buzz again with more Xbox One crap. Basically people are crying that Microsoft is sheltering them the cost of things, and charging them a much lighter fare to play. Let me explain.

Microsoft has announced that Game DVR, NFL streaming, and TV Guide will all require Xbox Live Gold. For those who don’t know, (where have you been living?) Xbox Live Gold is roughly $50/year.

To give you an idea of how good this could be, let’s simply look at other NFL offerings out there. DirecTV offers the NFL Sunday Ticket. It bills at close to $200 /year and is simply the ability to watch every game the NFL plays. The $60/year Xbox Live Gold and NFL Streaming deal will potentially provide “the ability to watch games, Skype video chat with other fans, view statistics, access highlights in real time and gather fantasy information about players and teams”. Hmm, at a savings of $140/year. Seems like a deal to me.

Dear internet, stop whining!