freshballs-tube1A few days ago I was made aware of a product for men that helps us stay fresh. Fresh Balls is a lotion that turns into a freshness product, well... let me let them explain it.

PROBLEM: 99.9 % OF ALL MEN SUFFER FROM THE PROBLEM OF SWEATY BALLS. SOLUTION: FreshBalls was created to take care of the problems the other companies forgot about. Here at freshballs we take pride in using natural products that not only solve the problem, but they are good for the skin.

So there in a nutshell you have the problem and solution. Does it work? Should you get some? YES!

I immediately ordered Fresh Balls from (it is Prime Eligible BTW) and two days later I was in business.

True to their claim it keeps things fresh. The lotion has a pleasant smell (not girly) and feels soft. Once the lotion drys, things stay fresh. Real fresh. Depending on what you do during your day you may need to freshen up, but Fresh Balls certainly makes a difference.

Go get some Fresh Balls today!