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Blogging via XMLRPC with Android

I am rather shocked that there isn't a single app in the Android market for posting to a blog via XML-RPC, I mean really, that seems like a given for the type of people who own Android based phones. Maybe it is time I spread my JVM/Dalvik wings.

WordPress 2.7 Delayed, beta available

The good folks at WordPress are working hard to get all the bugs out of the WordPress release coming, but they have worked out enough to make a Beta 2 that you can download from WordPress.org.

The expected release date is now the end of Novemeber.

One Week To Go

Back on September 27th Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress and Automattic, stopped by Provo, Utah for WordCamp. What a great event! One of the things Matt talked about while there with us in Provo, was WordPress 2.7 and some of the great features coming to the system, including but not limited to:

Well we are now just 1 week away from WordPress 2.7 hitting the streets and being ready for deployment. Are you ready for the update? Have you backed up your data? If not I would get to it.