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Get Your Advent On!

Learning is so important in my industry (programming and computers in general) that you can never look at a learning opportunity as wasted time. Also it is the Christmas season, and people do Advent things... so I present the Advent list. All these sites have Advents going on that teach tips and tricks for different languages.

I hope you find these handy, and learn a thing of two!

Everything you know about CSS is wrong!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="319" caption="Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong!"]Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong![/caption]

I don't know how Sitepoint knew it, but they are right, I suck at CSS! Luckily I came across this book and all that is going to change.

Sitepoint authors Rachel Andrew and Kevin Yank to you through a few of the new abilities of CSS in the coming browsers. They discuss CSS tables, and layout for pretty much the whole book.

Jokingly you could really call this book "Everything you want to know about CSS tables" as the main of the 5 chapters is solely about the topic of creating and understanding CSS tables. The remainder of the book seemed to be some good Microsoft bashing referring to IE6,7 and 8.

The book was short, and a quick read. Weighing in at roughly 111 pages, and only 5 chapters, it is an easy weekend, or one night read. 

The majority of the CSS tactics they cover (CSS Tables) will work in current browsers with the exception of the Microsoft browsers. They base alot of the information on the idea that IE8 will be coming soon, and as you can download the beta now it is worth trying out the code shown in this book and seeing what we can do in the near future when users finally get their browsers up to date.

As always you can pick up this book at Sitepoint's website or at Amazon.com