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iPad Mini, The new iPad

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Apple announced the new iPad Mini today, probably the web worst kept secret. As expected the display is 7.9 inches, and 1024x769 pixels. That isn't even close to retina and quite a bit lower (25%) than the Nexus 7 from Google and Asus. I was personally surprised by this because it literally made the iPad Mini a shrunken version of the iPad 2 which is now two generations old.

Oh right, did I mention that the The New iPad is no longer the new iPad? Apple also announced that The New iPad (3rd generation) will no longer be available and instead a 4th generation (also dubbed The New iPad) is dropping in it's place. Only seven months old (released March 16th, 2012) the iPad3 is being replaced by what all boils down to an iPad with a newer CPU/GPU. The processor has been changed from an A6 (built by ARM) to a A6X which is rumored direct from Apple (based on ARM designs). The coolest part of this whole thing is that Apple is making their own chips, for better or worse (I am betting worse).

The truly unexpected part of the whole game is that the 4th gen iPad is so close to the predecessor. Some are speculating the change was to get the iPad closer in line with holiday spending, when most are more likely to spend the required $500-800 for a product of this nature. Others are speculating it was just to get off the licensing with ARM as fast as possible. Frankly I would wager the previous as paying ARM is still going to happen, just at a lower rate since they are basically just stealing their plans now.

There was other news from the Apple camp, but I don't care much about Mac mini and whatever else they announced.

Google's Top Secret Plans Leaked!

Today Google announced Google Streetview inside one of their data centers. Primarily targeted at Google enthusiasts like myself, but still neat anyways. So I went for a tour, and I found some neat things. I have collected what I think are the most important things found in the Google Data Center Tour, including TOP SECRET PLANS!

[gallery link="file"]

To see more of this data center check out the following link:


Google Wallet is Here!



Google Wallet has landed:

                 In the past few thousand years, the way we pay has changed just three times—from coins, to paper money, to plastic cards.


Google's newest product has launched today, on a single phone. The Nexus S 4g, on Sprint. So if you are a Sprint user, and you are in the market for a new phone (but not the best phone) then you want to jump on this deal.

The phone is on sale in a lot of places right now too. Sprint.com has the phone for $30 with 2yr contract, Amazon.com has it for $0.01 with 2yr contract, and Best Buy has it for free with 2yr contract.

The phone has good specs:

  • 1.0 Ghz Processor
  • Android 2.3
  • 4G connectivity
  • 5MP Camera w/ Front Facing Camera
  • 16GB Memory
  • 6 hours talk time on the battery
Being that it is on Sprint you get first class access to Google Voice (all the features work).
I happen to be considering the move to Sprint right now, so this might be an opportune time for me to pull the trigger and snag a free phone and the only Google Wallet compatible phone available.

Quickshot: Google+ API now Public

Get set to update your tweetdeck, or other multi-social network app. Google+ API is now Public. I of course will be playing with it this afternoon/evening and reporting all the awesomeness. For those of you who have free time you can find more info on the API at http://googleplusplatform.blogspot.com/ and http://developers.google.com/+/api/

Update: Looks like the current release of the API is read-only. Lame, but still it is a start.






Let's Get Open!

Being that it is Monday and I am really not feeling it today I thought I would dig up what is happening around the nets and share with you.

Chrome OS Zero

Looks like Hexxeh has been hard at work getting a cleaned up version of Chrome OS called Chrome OS Zero out to the masses. Reading through the Wiki and FAQ things look pretty nice and clean. I may take a stab at playing with this in the next week or so. Thanks Hexxeh!


Tim at CTRL-ALT-DEL Comic has this silly for us today:

Thanks Tim!

Nexus One

We all know about Google's latest move in the Android field by now, right? Well it looks like the Nexus One is selling well, and people are having problems with the 3G service that T-mobile is offering on the Nexus One. Being a T-mobile customer myself I can tell you the problems are not limited to the Nexus One. My phone refused to stay on 3G this weekend too, oh well.



Johannes Schluter discusses how references in PHP work, and suggests that maybe we should not use them anymore.

Last year I spoke at eight conferences and attended a few more multiple times at most of them I found myself in discussions about references and PHP as many users seem to have wrong understandings about them. Before going to deep into the subject let's start with a quick reminder what references are and clear some confusion about objects which are "passed by reference."


Giorgio Sironi has two new blog posts about patterns in PHP. The first is on Abstract Factory patterns:

The major problem that creational patterns try to solve is that objects need collaborators: we often pass them in the constructor of a Client class to aid decoupling, as every class should know only what it really needs to get its job done. With the verb know I mean that they just know that the other part exist at all.

The second is on Builder patterns:

The Builder pattern's intent is to encapsulate the details (the new operators and other wiring) of the object creation process under a common interface. Though, the Builder can actually change the internal representation of an object, as it is not a black box.

Both blog posts were great reads, and I suggest all my UPHPU buddies hit them up.