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Get Your Advent On!

Learning is so important in my industry (programming and computers in general) that you can never look at a learning opportunity as wasted time. Also it is the Christmas season, and people do Advent things... so I present the Advent list. All these sites have Advents going on that teach tips and tricks for different languages.

I hope you find these handy, and learn a thing of two!

Voices That Matter Conference

The internet is changing, and there is no better way to learn about the new things, or how to better leverage the old technologies than to attend a good conference. Well the folks at New Riders are gearing up for their fourth annual Voices That Matter Conference. Here are some details:

This conference brings together respected industry authors and thought-leaders of the Web design revolution. Many of you learned your very first Web design skills from these authors. Now, you can learn from them how changes to the building blocks of the Web—from HTML5 and CSS3 to user interfaces—are enabling designers to create sites that are easy to use, richly functional, packed with interactive features, and easily accessible from any Internet-capable device.

Topics this year include:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Content Strategy
  • Microformats & Progressive Enhancement
  • Social Media
  • Typography & Fonts
  • Grids
  • Smartphones

With speakers like Scott Jehl, Colleen Jones, Emily Lewis and many more this is a must attend event!

You can save $150 off the current price of any conference package by registering with Priority Code WDUSERG. Register by May 14th to save even more when your discount is combined with Early Bird pricing! http://www.voicesthatmatter.com/webdesign2010/