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Premium Prices for Mobile Broadband

I personally user Tmobile, and over the last few days (about a week) I am more glad than ever that I am on Tmobile when I see what other carriers are doing to their data plans. The idea of getting more and more restrictive with bandwidth is absurd. Every day prices for broadband services for the home drop, just look at your local providers. Every day we lay more and more fiber in this land to make the broadband cheaper and easier to access. In countries outside the US broadband is not just available but it is kicking butt and taking names.

This isn't limited to just the land lines either, oh no this includes the mobile broadband. However, here in the states we seem to be taking the wrong direction to how we treat wireless broadband. Instead of making it more affordable and unlimited companies seem to be wanting to limit its use by charging more and more for less and less.

First Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam announced they are going to be moving toward "buckets":

So the model to me going forward is I expect that people will have realistically four or five or six devices that they have to connect to the network, and it may be as many as 20. And so I think you're much more into the mode of instead of a device and a price plan, you are into let me buy a bucket of megabytes and I will use them any way I want.

Now McAdams goes on to say that he actually views data plans as the future of the company and that voice will be a matter of grandfathered plans by 2012 as Verizon expects to have all plans be purely data and use VoIP as the means for voice calls. Not a terrible way to look at the future, and he is probably right.

Then today I see that AT&T is coming out with new data plans, however the sad truth is they are getting rid of unlimited plans! Basically the announcement says this:

  • 200MB for $15/month
  • 2GB for $25/month
  • Tether for $20 on top of the 2GB plan so $45 total

This all seems horrible to me and I can't fathom what is making these guys look in the direction they are. I know that providing cellular services isn't cheap or easy, but I really feel like AT&T and Verizon are looking to squeeze money out of people now. Especially when you see companies like T-Mobile and Sprint offering unlimited data plans for around $30.

I think it most unfortunate that people who are with AT&T and Verizon, will be going with AT&T and Verizon won't really care that they are being screwed, but only because they don't really know what is happening.

Frankly I see this as yet another opportunity for the Tmobile and Sprint teams to rally around the unlimited data plans, and push hard. Make a stab at more business under their belts. Perhaps Tmobile will see these moves from their biggest competitors and really lean on their HSPA+ rollouts and get their service on par with speeds that AT&T is offering, and then hammer them with the unlimited bandwidth.

I really see the future of computing as being wireless, instead of hunting down hot spots we are just using the connections we have via our wireless companies. The current plans these clowns are working on however, would suggest they don't really want things to go that way, which is completely silly as it's been proven time and time again that data transfer is easier, cheaper and more reliable than current voice technologies.

If you are an AT&T or Verizon customer, now is the time to voice your opinions and let them know how you really feel about data plans, and why you think they are making grave mistakes!

My Lack of Nexus One

All I want is my Nexus One, that's it!

So here is the story. Google brought out this really kick butt new phone, the Nexus One; the thing is amazing sweet! I want it, so I start talking with Liz and finally convince her it is time to upgrade phones, maybe even plans.

Thursday April 8th

We are Tmobile customers already. Our contracts are over. We are free players in the cellphone world. So we head down to the local Tmobile Retail Store and look at phones. I am well aware that the Nexus One can only be purchased from Google, and that you have to have an individual rate plan to purchase the phone at a discount.

So I tell the guy at the retail store, and I am assured time and time again that I will be able to do all this and so we go ahead and purchase the phone for Liz, and break the plan to individual plans so I can go home and purchase a Nexus One. The purchase of Liz' phone is all that happened that evening. We were told there was a system error, no one seems to know why, and that it would take 24 hours to fix it. Assuming 24 hrs is a short time to wait we went home happy with Liz' new phone.

Friday April 9th

24 hrs later I have waited, heard nothing, so I call Tmobile customer care to find out what is going on. They inform me there is still an error in the system when trying to switch the plans and that it will take up to 72 hours to fix the problem. I am high on a cloud for my Nexus, so I can wait another weekend.

Monday April 12th

72 hours have passed, I call Tmobile. The news is the same, there is an error and they will put in a 72 hour ticket. I should be able to get my Nexus One by Thursday.

Thursday April 15th

72 hours have passed, I call Tmobile. Again the news that the error is happening, no one seems to know what is going on. I am told that I will get a phone call within 2 hrs and all will be fine and I can have my Nexus One.

No one ever called.

Friday April 16th

24hrs after the last call with Tmobile I call back, and demand an answer. I will admit the young lady who tried to help this time really seemed to try. She offered a alternate route of switching from my grandfathered family plan to a new family plan, and then to break the lines into individual plans. No dice, but a worthy effort.

The young lady then begins to break my heart, my Nexus One may have to wait up to a month, because a trouble ticket can take up to a FULL BILLING CYCLE to be resolved... what?!

The Red Rises

Sitting here before you, I am livid! I don't know how to control myself, except to say Tmobile had better fix this, they had better fix is now, or I will be a happy Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T customer by the end of the month. I will return the Moto Cliq my wife just bought and I will take my contracts elsewhere.

This is absolutely ridiculous! To tell a customer that they can't change their plan, they can't get a new phone, they can't even change the rate plan to a higher plan is insane! To lie to a customer not once, twice or three times but four or more in absolutely absurd! To think that Tmobile has a good service record (and to be fair they did in my mind until this week).

Figure It Out, NOW!

I am sure there are no Tmobile goons reading this blog, because I have low readership, but I hope the world gets to them before my fists do. I am out for blood (or a Nexus One).